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The Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) makes recommendations about how to allocate Wikimedia movement funds to eligible entities. There are five positions on the committee being filled. The FDC Ombudsperson receives complaints and feedback about the FDC process, investigates complaints

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if they can stay so poor for so many generations, maybe this isn't the kind of person we want to be electing to higher office. How smart can they be ? They're morons. There's a perception that voters like poverty. I don't like poverty. Usually, there's a reason for poverty. Do you want someone

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Annuncio ufficialmente ai Wikiquotiani che anche quest'anno Wikimedia Italia ha deciso di offrire 8 borse di viaggio per Wikimania che, come saprete, si terrà a Hong Kong tra il 7 e l'11 agosto 2013. Sito ufficiale Potete trovare tutti i dettagli sul nostro sito, a questa pagina Io anche

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against some of the great players-the Samprases, Beckers, Connors, Borgs, you name it. This guy could be the greatest of all time. That, to me, says it all. He's probably the greatest player that ever lived. He can beat half the guys with his eyes closed. [fonte 33] Gilbert , non ti meriti

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2003 Genere poliziesco, drammatico Stagioni 14 Episodi 322 Ideatore Donald P. Bellisario e Don McGill Rete televisiva CBS Interpreti e personaggi Mark Harmon : Leroy Jethro Gibbs Michael Weatherly : Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo Pauley Perrette : Abigail "Abby" Sciuto

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a rock poet you could call him. He was well advanced of his time lyric-wise. We all owe a lot to him, including Dylan . I've loved everything he's done, ever. He was in a different class from the other performers. [1] Imagine è virtualmente la canzone ufficiale del partito comunista

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I didn't realize 'work' meant 'unemployment office'. I didn't think it was strange for someone to come home and take an Old Style up into the shower. I didn't think it was strange for somebody to pass out. I thought an Old Style, a pack a day, was the norm—Raven, my father is exactly like

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obbedisco. Can't make no progress | Can't get ahead | Can't stop the regress | Don't wanna be dead | Look out those rules and regulations | Who needs the Parliament | Sitting making laws all day? | They're all fat and old | Queuing for the House of Lords | Repression... gonna start on

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quello che sono. Prendere o lasciare. I wear glasses because I need them; I don't wear them to be the fashion victim, I have to have them because I have a stigma in one eye and I'm blind in another. But I make it fun, I make it acceptable to fit in society; I've always worn crazy, goofy glasses

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Ricerca Frankenstein Junior Titolo originale Young Frankenstein Lingua originale inglese , tedesco Paese USA Anno 1974 Genere commedia, parodia Regia Mel Brooks Soggetto Mary Shelley ( romanzo ) Sceneggiatura Mel Brooks , Gene Wilder Produttore Gene

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