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Spazio per le Tech News, che floodano Wikisource:Domande tecniche intralciando la lettura. Indice 1 Tech News: 2014-01 2 Tech News: 2014-02 3 Tech News: 2014-03 4 Tech News: 2014-04 5 Tech News: 2014-05 6 Tech News: 2014-06 7 Tech News: 2014-07 8 Tech News: 2014-08 9 Tech

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Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community. Please inform other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available. Recent software changes You can now see the text of DjVu and PDF files in search results on wikis testing the new search

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SAL25% means "no source" (fonte non indicata) or "incomplete". However, in the 'page' namespace, there is always a source : the scan is the source. Therefore "fonte non indicata" is not relevant. In addition, a single page is very unlikely to be "incomplete", because it is much shorter

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testo ◄ Trieste al suo ammiraglio O how shall I warble myself, for the dead one there I loved? And how shall I deck my song for the large sweet soul that has gone? And what shall my perfume be for the grave of him I love ?... WALT WHITMAN Quale sarà il mio canto

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Se hai quesiti specifici riguardo a determinati argomenti, dai un'occhiata ai bar tematici , se hai domande tecniche lascia un messaggio nel bar tecnico . Premi qui per inserire la tua domanda o la tua osservazione Desideri... ...una empanada salteña argentina? No? Ti propongo